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4-D Number Prediction


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Attention : Please take note that this page only for Magnum 4-D. Please don't buy the numbers for Toto or Pan Malaysia Pools.(If numbers predicted in this page struck Toto or Pan Malaysia Pools that would be coincidence only)

Date: 14-10-98 Draw : 123/98

9113 0224 1335 2446 3557 4668 5779 6880 7991

Sorry to informed that there will be no prediction until further notice!!!

You can buy the numbers straight (direct) or in permutation.

Don't know which number to choose? My sugestion for you. Count your lucky one digit number to choose which number to buy.

Example:Use this method a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5....... If your name (name always being used) is David.Then David=4+1+22+9+4=40=4+0=4. This mean that your lucky number is 4,buy the fourth number as above.